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Please note we do not sell shelf companies any more....

There are three methods that you are able to register your company

1. Visiting our Offices
Our office prices are the same as the prices quoted on our website (except for postage). For quick service please all members/directors will need to accompany you (). Please bring your ID Books with you. We aren't able to take cheques

2. Registering your Company Online
Swiftreg has a product called "Online Company Registrations" where you can complete all your registration Online.
If you have problems you are welcome to phone our offices at 021 595 4433. All data captured online is immediately available to our office staff. Recommended payment is by means of credit card but you can also pay by bank deposit.

3. Faxing Application forms and Deposit Slip
Download from our Download page all the required information pages
Pay the required amounts into our bank account
Fax the info sheets, SPOA documents and your deposit slip to us at 021 595 3355


Important Information about the Registration

1. Document Processing Period

All documents completed by SwiftReg are sent to CIPRO (Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office) who processes them. The processing time varies significantly (3-8 weeks) and SwiftReg has no influence over the speed of this process therefore we are entirely at the mercy of CIPRO regarding all registrations. Please be aware that we have the same access to CIPRO as the general public and in the event of delay we suggest that all your queries should be aimed at CIPRO directly. Please contact the call center at CIPRO (0861 843384) or check the following links for your documentation.

This bulletin will show you the delay in the processing of documents submitted. SwiftReg's responsibility is to ensure that your application has been received by CIPRO. For this reason all our correspondence is hand couriered on a daily basis to CIPRO. Please note that the final documents are posted directly back to the new members and not to us. Should they be posted to SwiftReg, we will immediately post them to the Registered address.

2. Company Tax Numbers & Vat Registrations
Clients must please go to the SARS office to collect a Tax clearance certificate and at the same time register for company tax. (IT77C). VAT registrations can be applied for directly at the SARS offices.

3. Bank Accounts
Most Banks insist on the final original documents (CK2) to open accounts. Please consult your bank directly to find out their requirements in this regard.

4. Electronic Name Applications
If you are applying for a company name, please note that due to the inconsistency of the CIPRO website there can be a delay that is beyond our control.

5. Property Transfers
If you are buying a Property CC then an additional fee of approximately R150 will be charged by the accounting officer for his service of transferring a property into your shelf Company.

Disclaimer ·
SwiftReg CANNOT be held responsible for the delays at CIPRO Nor for any loss of the returning mail or incorrect postal delivery by the Post Office · Nor for the loss or misplacement of any documentation at CIPRO