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How to Register your Company

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Different methods of registering your Company

There are three methods in which you are able to register your company:

  1. Company Registration Online

    Swiftreg has a service whereby you can register your company online, and being that you are already here, it is recommended that you choose this option.
    Click Here to Start

    If you have problems with the website, you are welcome to phone our offices at 021 595 4433. All data captured online is immediately available to our office staff. Payment is by means of credit card or bank deposit, however it is recommended to pay by credit card.

  2. Visiting our Offices

    Our office prices are slightly higher then the prices quoted on our website owing to extra admin costs. For company registration you are advised to bring copies of all the directors ID's. All the directors will need to be presentSpecial Power of Attorney which is signed by all the directors so it is necessary that all your directors accompany you to our offices

  3. Faxing Application forms and Deposit Slip

    If you would really like to use the old system of faxing please phone our offices and we will either email or fax them to you
    Our office number is 021 595 4433 - Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30

    Fax the info sheets, SPOA documents and your deposit slip to us at 0865 763 482

Please Note

Company Tax Numbers & Vat Registrations
Swiftreg can assist you with Tax Registration and Clearance. (IT77C). VAT registrations can be applied for directly at the SARS offices.
Bank Accounts
Most Banks insist on the final original company registration documents (C
oR14.3) to open accounts. Please consult your bank directly to find out their requirements in this regard.

Disclaimer ·
SwiftReg CANNOT be held responsible for the delays at CIP
C Nor for any loss of the returning mail or incorrect postal delivery by the Post Office · Nor for the loss or misplacement of any documentation at CIPC