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Company Registration

From R460 (Approx 3-10 Days)
Start Registration

BEE Affidavit

Only Available as part of a package Start Bee Affidavit

Annual Returns

R190 + CIPC Fee (2 days)
Start Annual Return

Directr/Share Changes

R 600 - both- (3-6 weeks)
Alter Dir/Shareholders

Name Change

R 550 - both- (3-6 weeks)
Start Change

Register a Non Profit

From R990 (3-6 weeks)
Start Registration

Register an Incorporation

R1 190 (3-6 weeks)
Start Registration

Register Name Only

R250 (3-7 days)
Start Registration

Assign Name

R250 (4-8 Weeks)
Start Registration

Change CC to PTY

Start Change

Restore Company

Start Restoration

Register for Tax

Start Tax

Business Plans

Start Business Plan

COID Registration

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