The POPI Act Compliance

  1. Just to be clear, when we refer to ‘information’ we mean ‘personal information’ as it is defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act (Act No.4 of 2013). It doesn’t matter what form it is in (physical or virtual) or to the extent that it relates to you, your business, directors and shareholders.
  2. SwiftReg will need information from you from time to time to complete the services you have asked us to perform. It is your responsibility to get the information to us when we need it.
  3. We do solemnly promise that this information will ONLY be used by SwiftReg for the purposes of completing the services you have requested us to do and for invoicing and administrative purposes. We will use your contact information to keep you updated on the progress of the service you have asked us for using electronic platforms such as SMSs, WhatsApp and emails.
  4. SwiftReg will treat information provided by you in terms of clause 1 as confidential, unless otherwise agreed between you and SwiftReg.
  5. SwiftReg will use the information provided by you in terms clause 3 for the purposes as described. We will keep your information until you request in writing that we destroy or delete it.
  6. SwiftReg will use your contact details to provide you with an annual industry update as well as outlining any new services which may be of interest until you advise us in writing or unsubscribe from our mailing list.
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