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Tax Registration

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Tax Clearance Certificate

How to obtain Tax Clearance?

For a person who has just registered their company, it is very easy for you to gain your tax clearance.  As the business has just started there probably was no tax due, and the statement that you are clear, (which is what a tax clearance is) can be easily drawn from our office, once we have the required documents

If your company has been registered for a while, we will draw your tax clearance for you, however it is possible that SARS will come back to us with details that need to be done. ie The company needs to submit these tax forms for this or that year.  Once you have done the requirements for Sars (this is for you to do), we will be able to draw your tax clearance certificate

It costs R450 and takes approximately a week.

Documents Required

Personal Income tax numbers of all company directors
The business bank account details 
Proof of company’s address. 
Proof of company's representatives address

On Completion you will have...

A Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS.

Possible Difficulties

As Mentioned Above : If there are outstanding company (ITR14) or Director (ITR12) tax returns SARS will reject the application. These will need to be settled before we can proceed with drawing your final tax clearance certificate.