NON Profit Company

A Non Profit company is a company that is registered with the aim of assisting or promoting the community. It is a company in its own right and falls under the jurisdiction of the companies act.

However it does not have shares. There is no real ownership of the company per say, as the company is for the benefit of the community. There are always supposed to be three directors at all times.


About the same time as a normal company registration from 3-6 weeks


R990 (For the first 3 directors. R100 for each director after that.)

Important things to note

There has to be at least 3 directors in a non profit company at any one time

Being non profit does not mean that you will not pay tax. This is a separate request from SARS and will only be granted if you fulfill certain criteria. Primarily that you are not competing in the business world, as if you are a normal enterprise.