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How to restore your company


The following information is required by CIPC:

1.       Certified ID copies of each director/member.

2.       A Multiple Deed search reflecting if the company owns a fixed property or not in all the provinces of RSA. http://www.windeed.co.za/spider

3.       If the company does own fixed property, then a letter is required from:

a.       National Treasury (restorations@treasury.gov.za or 012-315 5015) and

b.      the Department of Public Works (andre.meyering@dpw.gov.za or 012-337 2147) indicating that they do not have any objection to the reinstatement. .

4.       Proof of an advertisement placed in a local newspaper giving 21 days notice of the proposed application of reinstatement. CIPC require the full page reflecting the date and name of the newspaper. An example of the wording should be:

Please take notice that (name of member) intends making application to the Commissioner of CIPC for the reinstatement of (Name & Registration number of the company) Please take notice that any objection to the application must be lodged with the Commissioner of CIPC within twenty one (21) days of the date of the publication hereof

5.       An affidavit indicating the reasons for

a.       the non-filing of the annual returns if the deregistration was due to non-payment of annual returns or

b.      the original deregistration if the company itself applied for the deregistration.

6.       Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company was in business after the time of deregistration eg. bank statements, invoices or other documentary proof.

7.       Completion of the attached Limited Power of Attorney which must have original signatures

8.       Once all of the documentation is gathered it can be posted to P O Box 12322, N1 City, 7463 together with proof of payment for R480, alternatively, the documents can be dropped off at our offices in N1 City with proof of payment or cash.

Step 2.

Once we have all of the above information we will submit the application to CIPC who will then unlock the company. This will allow us to access the company profile online and determine the amount of outstanding annual returns which are due. Our fee is R150 plus the CIPC cost to complete the annual returns online. The client needs to pay the extra amount into our account which will allow us to complete all the returns and restore the company status to "in business" This is such a frustration process and the main reason why our clients prefer to rather do a new company registration.

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