Why you should use Swiftreg to Register your company

We have been trading for 22 years

Swiftreg has provided company registration as its core business over twenty two years. Our consistency in the marketplace means that we register one out of every twenty companies in South Africa.

We have the largest online presence

Our site is entirely dynamic and linked directly in with our back office. This means that you know what is happening with your company at all times. You can also track your order with your cell phone.

All your past purchases are listed for you, along with important documents, under your personal login. We also store all your final company documents online in digital format meaning that five years from now you could still log on to our system and download a copy of your company documents.

We are a real business with real offices and call centre

Many competitive companies to us do not have offices or a call centre. We have a proper call centre of six consultants ready to take your call Monday to Friday, who have immediate access to your information, faxes and ID’s so they can answer any queries. They operate from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. We are located in N1 City Mews, Cape Town.

We provide a back office service to many of the Banks

Both ABSA and Nedbank use our service to register companies for their clients. This means that you can go in to your local branch, speak to the Business Banker and they will use our service to register your company for you. Standard Bank has also provided a portal to Swiftreg through their Bizconnect site. If they are using us, then why not you? You can register through us directly online without going through the bank.

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