What are Company Registration Packages

What is a company registration package?

A company registration package offers the client a wide variety of services under one umbrella and can be done in one go. These include services such as BEE, Tax Clearance Certificates, Business Cards, Email Domain Registrations, etc. Different professional companies offer the service of registering packages as part of their sales and marketing processes and a variety of other services are added to the packages.

Very few registration companies offer the service of customising a package to suit the client’s specific needs. Professional Services such as Swiftreg Company Registrations however offers this option to clients on their website, and it is quite popular.

Where can I register a company registration package?

Most companies offer the service of registering a company package on their website only; however professional services such Swiftreg Company Registrations offer great packages at very low prices which can either be purchased in-house at their offices with the assistance of their qualified consultants, online, or by completing manual application forms which can be sent electronically via email for the client to complete.

They have four different package options, including the option for a client to customise a package according to their preference. Many clients love the fact the that they are able to come into the office and consult with someone one-on-one regarding their needs.

Do I qualify for a discount if I purchase a package?

At the time of writing this article, yes, some companies do indeed offer discounts when selling packages, but not all of them. Should you purchase any of the additional services separately you will end up paying more, as the individual price-per-product costs more. Purchasing a package will assist the client in budgeting and saving on the services they require to register a new company, with the benefit of getting added services.

What type of packages can be purchased?

Different companies offer different packages according to the needs of their clients and the revenue accumulated for the each separate service that they offer and these packages vary depending on the registration company itself.

E.g. Swiftreg Company Registrations offers four types of packages, namely the Starter Package, which consists of:

  • The registration of a new company with unlimited directors and shareholders
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (done by our in-house Tax Consultant)

Entrepreneur Package, which consists of:

  • The registration of a new company with unlimited directors and shareholders
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (done by our in-house Tax Consultant)
  • BEE Affidavit (Black Economic Empowerment)(Available immediately after purchase).

Web Package, which consists of:

  • The registration of a new company with unlimited directors and shareholders
  • Logo Design (Template)
  • Web Design
  • Email Setup
  • Domain Name Registration

Premium Package, which consists of:

  • The registration of a new company with unlimited directors and shareholders
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (done by our in-house Tax Consultant)
  • BEE Affidavit (Black Economic Empowerment) (Available immediately after purchase).
  • Logo Design (Professional)
  • Web Design
  • Email Setup
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Business Cards

Swiftreg Company Registrations also has the option of customising a package on their website by adding and removing products and services according to the client’s needs. All of the packages have different stipulated time frames for completion from the date of purchasing it as some of them contain more services than others.

What type of services does the most popular package include?

The majority of the most packages sold include a BEE Affidavit, Tax Clearance Certificate and the Registration of the company. Many people opt for these services on a package as it contains the basic necessities needed to startup and run a new business. The only extra thing that you would need to do on your side is to open a business banking account as this will be needed to start and complete the Tax Clearance Certificate.

What type of registration documents will I receive from CIPC when I purchase a company registration package?

The documents that you will receive from CIPC will include the following:

  • COR 14.3 (Registration Certificate)
  • COR 14.1 (Notice of Incorporation)
  • COR 15.1. A (Memorandum of Incorporation)

CIPC does not include Share Certificates when applying for a new company registration on a company registration package, however, a professional service such as Swiftreg Company Registration offer the service of including Share Certificates with all of their new business registrations.

Can I have a BEE certificate added to my company registration package?

Yes you can, however BEE certificates are only issued to companies with a turnover of more than R50 Million. New companies can add a BEE affidavit to their packages as BEE affidavits specifically cater for companies with a turnover of less than R50 Million – this was implemented by the Department of Trade and Industry on 9 June 2017. A BEE certificate and BEE affidavit basically allows to still apply for tenders with the government – it is only the turnover amounts that differ from each other.

Why were packages started?

Packages were initially implemented as a means to increase productivity regarding the sales and marketing strategies of purchasing company registration services. Based on the statistics of certain services offered by companies, packages were brought forward as a sales technique to get more products/services sold at the fraction of the initial fee charged. Over time, more and more people decided to purchase packages as they benefitted more from it.

Advantages/Benefits of purchasing a package

When you purchase a package, you get more services added to your registration as opposed to only doing a company registration on its own. Having a package may open more doors of opportunity for you as a new business owner as you will have more to offer (regarding documentation) than someone who simply only registers a company without any added services.

Disadvantages of purchasing a package

The only disadvantage of purchasing a package is that it will take a bit longer than a registering a New company on its own. Because you have decided to take a package, more work has to be done. Stipulated time frames are however given to you for every package, as they differ based on the type of package you decide to purchase. Should the registering company require further information from you, then you as the client would need to provide the required information to the registering company before they will be able to complete your applications for the specific services on your chosen package.

E.g. if you have PAYE/ UIF/ SDL as a chosen service on your package then professional companies would require you to provide them with documentation such as a letter informing them who the Public Officer of the company is, an ID copy of the Public Officer, as well as a residential municipal account of the Public Officer, to name a few. Therefore, the sooner the required information is provided to the professional service, the quicker it will take to complete your package.

Do only lawyers sell packages?

No, lawyers are not the only companies that sell packages to the public. There are many professional services such as Swiftreg Company Registrations that sell company registration packages at affordable rates.

What is the time frame for purchasing a package?

The time frame for purchasing packages may differ depending on the type of package you decide to purchase, and it may also depend on the type of services you add to your customised package. E.g. should you purchase a package with Tax Clearance added to it, you would have a open a business banking account in the company’s name as soon as the company is registered and provide us with the Business banking details before we will be able to register and assist the client with Tax Clearance, as SARS requires these details in order to complete the Tax Clearance.

Why can’t I purchase VAT Registration on a new Company registration package?

The reason why this cannot be done is because SARS requires the company to have a minimum turnover of R50000 in its Business Banking before you can apply for VAT.

How do I pay for my package?

Depending on the company you choose to purchase a package with, there are various methods of paying for the package. Packages can be paid for online via credit card or using EFT. There is also the option of paying via Bank Deposit. Some companies also offer clients the service of coming to their offices, sitting down with a consultant and paying for the package in the office.

Do I have to pay for an Income Tax Number when purchasing a package?

No you do not have to pay for an Income Tax Number as this comes standard from SARS (South African Revenue Services) when you register a new company. SARS will notify the nominated director/s of the registered company either via email or SMS. When you decide to open a Business banking account, the bank consultant will need your Income tax number in order to open and register the company’s business bank account in the company’s registered name. The same applies when applying to do Tax Clearance.

The income tax number and the Business banking details will be needed to apply and register your new company for Tax Clearance; therefore it is very important to keep this number in a safe place. Clients have previously advised that they did not receive the Income tax number from SARS; in this case the director of the company would need to contact the SARS call centre or visit their nearest SARS branch and request the Income Tax Number from them.

What do I need in order to purchase a package?

In order to purchase a package, you would basically just need to be sure as to what type of package you want. There is not much needed to purchase a package. It basically all depends on the services you want on your package. E.g. if you have Tax Clearance added to your package, we would need you to have a Business banking account as this is one of SARS requirements. Also, if you have a package that includes Logo or Web Designing, you would at least need to have an idea of how you would like the Logo to look like, or how you would like to have the Website done.

Can I do it online?

Yes, you may purchase a package online as this gives you the freedom to see what options you have available regarding the different packages we have available. It is also somewhat more convenient for most clients to do it in the comfort of their own home as not many people are able to take a day off from work to come into offices and sit down with a consultant. Many prospective clients also find it easier to do it online as opposed to completing an application form due to the busy lives that they have.

Are the documents original when purchasing a package?

Yes, all of the documents that you will receive when registering a company on a package are the original documents that will be issued from CIPC. All company registrations, whether they are registered as packages or not, are registered through the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. The official CIPC stamp/ logo will be on the documents as proof of this.

Can I come to your office to do it?

Yes, you may come to our office to purchase a package. This will allow you to consult with one of our trained package specialists who will be able to answer any questions you may have before making an informed decision regarding the package you would like to purchase.

Are packages expensive?

The price of the company registration package you decide to purchase, widely depends on the type of package you decide to buy. It varies according to the amount of services that are added to the package. A package is however a great way to save a few Rands as most of the time, they come at a discounted rate.

What type of services can I add to my package?

Different companies offer different types of services to add to packages such as Tax Clearance, Bank Account, VAT Registration, PAYE/ UIF/ SDL, BEE Affidavits, Trademark Registrations, Business Plans, COID Registration (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act) and Letter of Good Standing, PSIRA Registration (Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001), Company Emails, Ecommerce Websites, Company emails, Domain name registrations, Web Hosting, Professional Logo Designs, Logo Design via template, CSD Registrations (Central Supplier Database), Business Cards, Company Profile.

Can I register a CC and add it to my package?

Closed Corporations can no longer be registered as per the New Companies Act of 2011, however, if you have a registered Closed Corporation, you may customise a package and add services to the package to be used for the Closed Corporation.

Why does CIPC (The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) not offer packages?

CIPC only registers one company at a time due to their lack of admin and communication skills with clients. When clients contact CIPC, they end up waiting up to an hour for a consultant for assistance. Therefore most clients prefer to make use of professional services which allows you to have all your company registrations need met in one place.

How many directors and shareholders can I add to my package?

Most companies allow you to have up to two directors and two shareholders when deciding to purchase a package. Professional services such as Swiftreg Company Registrations however allow you to have an unlimited amount of directors and shareholders when purchasing any of the packages they offer on their website.

What services should I purchase on a package when applying for a tender?

When applying for a tender it is important that you are registered for both a Tax Clearance certificate and a BEE Affidavit (which serves as your BEE certificate). These documents will ensure that you are eligible to bid for a tender. Therefore it is important to keep your SARS Income Tax Number in a safe place when you receive it.