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Methods of Registering

1. In our Offices

Our office prices are are just slightly higher as the prices quoted on our website (as a result of extra admin costs). For quick service we recommend that all directors of your company you want to register,should accompany you. Please bring your ID Books with you. If the other directors are not able to come, please phone ahead and allow us to email you a Limited Power of Attorney. This will need to be signed by all the directors, then you can bring this with a high quality copy of the Id’s of all the directors, along with residential and postal addresses of the directors, and we can do it for you without having the directors present Please note : We aren't able to take cheques.

2. Registering your Company Online

You are already online, so the most obvious place to register is here. If you have problems you are welcome to phone our offices at 021 595 4433. All data captured online is immediately available to our office staff. Recommended payment is by means of credit card but you can also pay by bank deposit.

3. Faxing Application forms and Deposit Slip

If you would like to use the fax method, phone our office on 021 595 4433 and request the documents for the task that you need to fulfill.

Pay the required amounts into our bank account

Fax the info sheets, SPOA documents and your deposit slip to us at 021 595 3355

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Where is SwiftReg Located

We are at Unit 9 and Unit 7, Block B, N1 City Mews

Frans Conradie Drive, Goodwood

We are open from 8:30am until 4pm weekdays.

Tel: +27 21 595 4433 
Fax: 086 576 3482 
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Your name of your Company = Your Dream!!

The Difficulty of getting your Name

Your NEW company name is a very emotional issue to you, the client. This is because your dreams and ideas are based on the approval your chosen company name.

If you have been dreaming about your business, you have probably thought of your chosen name already. Your dream and your name are probably already tied together in your mind, and you already have seen that name becoming a national brand with the logo of the choice.

However getting a name cleared for you to use is not easy

Frequently because of an attachment to just one name, many of our clients will push that name only, with just a few slight variations in the other three choices, however CIPC is very good at sniffing out variations. So many clients who have their first choice rejected will have the other three rejected as well as they are all quite similar.

This would be difficult for you the client. For one, you have had to wait up to a week for the replies on your name ( this time varies from 2 days when CIPC is really working well to 3 weeks when CIPC is redecorating their office!!) and then to top it off we will have to charge you another R110 to send in some new names.

And you say, cant you check it before hand? Well yes and no. Yes there is a check and we make it available to our clients but it is far from perfect. Its really a superficial, check against similar names, type of test. The actual test that CIPC runs, is only started once they have received the names and payments and it has a lot stricter and more powerful algorithims then anything that is going to be available online. This test is what produces the resultant document called the CoR 9.4 which informs you if your name was accepted.

So how then do I get my company name?

Rule 1 : Don’t use one word names

As a general rule CIPC does not allow one word names EG ORION. Neither will CIPC approve non descriptive names e.g. ORION ENTERPRISES or ORION VENTURES, SOLUTIONS or PROJECTS. However, ORION SHOE MANUFACTURING ENTERPRISES will be accepted. This is because words describing the nature of the business are used in the name resulting in a unique original name.

However if you want to break this rule, (and its always your choice and your risk), then at least choose a word that is not in any dictionary. If its a common language in South Africa, then that word has very likely been already used in a company name and your name will be rejected. Make up a word! Just remember that CIPC knowns how to check phoetically when comparing words. So if “Quick Silver” has already been registered your “QwikSilver” will probably be rejected.

Rule 2 : Expand your horizons and think of other good names for your company

Yes, you may have the ultimate name for your company, but there are also other brilliant names out there, and you can find them if you just take time to think. So brainstorm with your loved one, and you can come up with some highly original second and third options. You never know, you may even come up with a better one!

Add these names to your top four that you are going to send to us.

Rule 3 :Watch both of the YouTube videos that we provide

When you do the company registration you will see a testing button. The testing button is more powerful when you put in your main word of your company alone (without the extra words). Eg If you want Bernards Cleaning Services, then search on Bernards and see if any other Bernards company exist that seem to offer cleaning services. They may have called themselves Bernards Washers, and you will be turned down!