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Annual returns is the tax levied by CIPC to keep the company`s registration active.  Failure to pay results in penalties and eventually deregistration.

The fees are based on the company’s annual turnover and verfied through SARS and it is an offence to knowingly provide fase information to CIPC.

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Our fee is R190 to which is added the CIPC dues for the total payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Annual returns are a tax levied by CIPC for your company to remain registered with CIPC and comply with company law.  Each year on the anniversary of your company’s registration the annual returns are due even if your company did not trade or made a loss.  The annual returns dues are calculated on annual turnover.   

If your annual returns are not paid CIPC after 30 days CIPC will levy penalties against the company.  If the annual returns and penalties continue to remain outstanding, CIPC will start a Deregistration process.  This is the point when bank accounts are frozen and fixed properties become assets of the lender.  You may be able to restore the company if you are still trading.  This is a time consuming and costly process which is best avoided

If your annual returns are not paid within on time, CIPC levies penalties.  The penalties then become part of the money due to CIPC so you will pay more if you pay late.

If your annual returns remain unpaid penalties are levied on them  If they continue to remain outstanding, after 2 years, CIPC will start the process to deregister your company.  If your company is in the deregistration process, the bank account is frozen as CIPC prepare to close your company permanently.

Deregistration is when a company ceases to exist as a legal entity.  It is at this point that the obligation of the company’s officers (Directors) cease.  A company is triggered for deregistration at CIPC after 2 consecutive years of non-payment of annual returns.  

FAS is the Financial Accountability Supplement and is now a compulsory part of your annual returns.  It is essential that it is accurately completed as failure to do so can result in some pretty hefty fines.  If you don’t submit the FAS CIPC will not issue your annual return certificate.  

Annual returns are calculated on turnover – the turnover your company has done during its anniversary year i.e. the 12 months from the registration date.  This may well be different to the company’s financial or tax year.  There are varying turnover thresholds for the different types of companies i.e. CCs, Pty’s (new Act and old Act) and NPCs.  

The company`s annual returns still need to be paid to keep your company active.   In this case you would submit your turnover as R0

The company`s annual returns still need to be paid to keep your company active.  When completing the turnover capture it as R0. 

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