What is tendering?

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What is it?

South African Government and Parastatals are obliged to advertise their procurement requirements publically, usually through a recognized newspaper, Tender Bulleting or their own websites. These are called tenders or bids. The medium they choose to advertise their tenders would depend on the value of the tender as well as the level and size of the Government department - Local, Provincial or National. The same dependency would determine whether it is a formal tender or a Request for Quotation (RFQ).

RFQ’s do not neccasararly have to be advertised publically when under a certain value. Some government departments would advertise most of their RFQ’s publically, usually on their website, while others would source these RFQ’s through their supplier database

Supplier Databases

It is gazetted that Government is required to procure from suppliers registered on their supplier Database. Calls for registration to register on these supplier databases are also advertised through newspapers. Most government departments administer their own supplier databases and suppliers are required to register on every database to do business with that department or level of Government.

Western Cape Supplier Database (WCSD)

The Western Cape Government (WCG) have outsourced their supplier database to Ariba, an SAP Company, to administer and populate. Registration on the supplier database is free, but compulsory in order to conduct business with the Western Cape Government.

To find out more or register on the WCSD email supplierdatabase@ariba.com

Part of the registration includes:

To be a registered company (Once off process)

Your company must be registered for tax (Once off process)

You must have a tax clearance certificate (Yearly process)

In order to claim preference points, Suppliers must obtain a valid BEE certificate (valid for a year)

Please note that SwiftReg can assist you with all of the above.

TradeWorld Leads and Tenders Ariba, and SAP Company, provide a comprehensive tender notification service through their TradeWorld Leads and Tenders service. The service updates you on a daily basis via email of all Tenders and RFQ’s throughout South and Southern Africa relevant to your business profile. In 2013 TradeWorld sourced in excess of 130 000 tenders and RFQ’s. For further information, visit www.tradeworld.net or email tenders@ariba.com

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