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The company`s registered address is the physical place where the company does its regular business from.  For start-up businesses, it is often the home of one of the Directors.

It is essential to keep CIPC informed of any company address changes to ensure that all legal and official notices will be sent to it.  

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The registered address is the address at which all government and legal notices are served. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The registered address is the official business address where all legal and government notices are served. The address must be registered with CIPC which in turn shares this information with SARS. Therefore, all fines, summonses and legal notices are delivered to the registered address of the company.  
The business address is the physical location from which the business operates, while the postal address is usually just a PO Box. A residential address is the physical place where you live and often all three these addresses are the same address and used as the registered address. However, only a physical address with a municipal account can be used as a registered business address and not a PO Box.  
This is the address where all legal notices are served. For this reason, many companies choose to have their registered address changed to that of their acco untants as they usually deal with any tax related matters. 
No, CIPC has two separate applications, one for the companies registered address (CoR 21.1) and another to update the director’s residential address (CoR 39) 
The directors are responsible for all statutory updates of the company including the updating of the companies registered address. 
Yes, the directors can be held liable for a fine or even face prosecution if the registered address is not kept up to date. 
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