How to change your Directors?<

After the completion of the company registration, as you guide your business forward, you may want to change directors on your company.


A director change is something that is submitted to the registrar and a few weeks is required for it to be permanently registered in the Country.  This is not the case of Shareholders which can be done instantly.

Swiftreg can help you submit your director changes using a powerful program online called Sharevault.

Sharevault is an online program, with its own domain name,  that is designed for the man in the street to enable anyone to change directors and shareholding online. Using a simple drag and drop interface you can drag shares from one shareholder to another. Share Certificates can be instantaneously printed. For the Director changes, specified here, we will complete all the appropriate paperwork with the registrar to effect the Director change.

Start your Director Changes


Note: When a new director is appointed the effective date is when the directors minute the changes and not when CIPC process the changes.

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