Methods of Registering

1. In our Offices

We are located in Goodwood, Cape Town, near N1 City. For quick service we recommend that all directors of your company you want to register,should accompany you. Please bring your ID Books with you. If the other directors are not able to come, please phone ahead and allow us to email you a Limited Power of Attorney. This will need to be signed by all the directors, then you can bring this with a high quality copy of the Id’s of all the directors, along with residential and postal addresses of the directors, and we can do it for you without having the directors present Please note : We aren't able to take cheques.

2. Registering your Company Online

You are already online, so the most obvious place to register is here. If you have problems you are welcome to phone our offices at 021 595 4433. All data captured online is immediately available to our office staff. Recommended payment is by means of credit card but you can also pay by bank deposit.

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3. Faxing Application forms and Deposit Slip

If you would like to use the fax method, phone our office on 021 595 4433 and request the documents for the task that you need to fulfill.

Pay the required amounts into our bank account

Fax the info sheets, SPOA documents and your deposit slip to us at 021 595 3355

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