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PSIRA is a complex and costly process which requires a host of registrations and supporting documents.

We are able to assist with the following services:  new company registration, tax clearance, insignia, resolutions and the business plan, but there are some you will also need to gather yourself, eg. grade B security certificates and CVs for all directors, lease agreement and proof of contact number

Once we have complete all of the documents, the company director needs to register on the PSIRA website, make payment of the R7100 non-refundable registration fee and proceed to upload the documents onto their website. 

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Select from our 2 options:  A Security Package (includes all items mentioned) or a Service Selection Option where you select only the services you require.  

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Price :  R5390
How long does it take?   30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

PSIRA is the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a State Owned Entity mandated to regulate all aspects of the security industry in South Africa. This includes security guards, locksmiths, installers and manufactures of security equipment. 
Completed application form; original signed suretyship; infrastructure self-assessment report; company registration documents; security business plan; business insignia; uniform design; 1 year financial projection; directors CVs; certified copy of directors IDs; certified copy of directors grade B certificate; share certificate; declaration of shareholding; authorization resolution; operational readiness statement; lease agreement; tax clearance; proof of phones numbers; proof of PSIRA deposit.
All the directors of the security company must complete grade B security certification from an authorised training center before the company can be registered.
No, only individuals with South African ID numbers can apply for PSIRA accreditation. You will also need a Police Clearance Certificate which includes fingerprints.  
Individual certificates expires after 24 months; Business certificates expire after 12 months
Log on to the PSIRA website and click on Business Status verification; enter your company name and the capture code.  
There are 4 requirements - a letter on the letterhead of the business requesting the renewal; all annual fees paid in full; a valid, current, tax clearance certificate for the company; if the business has employees, the company is required to be registered for COID.
Yes, since the individual’s fingerprints are required to print the certificate they can only be collected in person. 
Yes, absolutely.  You will need to schedule an appointment either online or via the mobile app or you will be turned away at the branch. 
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