Tax Clearance Certificate

What you need to know

Tax Clearance is one of the most important SARS service as it gives the ‘all clear’ that your company tax affairs are up to date or ‘Compliant’. 

ALL tax returns for the company AND ALL of its Directors are required to be up to date before we can proceed with the application. 

Without an appointed Public Officer, no registrations can be done with SARS from Tax Clearance to VAT and PAYE registrations.

Good to know

You will need to appoint a Public Officer for your company if you have not already done so - we are unable to proceed without it.

Price :  R490
How long does it take?   1-7 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Registration is the registration number of a company (or individual) as a tax payer.  Tax Clearance is a company tax compliance status – a company is either compliant or not.

A Tax Clearance certificate was a certificate issued annually to ensure that the tax payer is up to date with their tax payments.  It has been replaced with Tax Compliance status which is either compliant or not.

Tax compliance is the tax status of a company or individual which complies with the tax laws and regulations and accurately pays its tax on time.

Many institutions require tax compliance before they will consider doing business with your company.  It is the most basic of all tender requirements and your company will be disqualified from consideration if its tax status is not compliant.  This is to ensure that the company is legitimate and its taxes are up to date.

The Public Officer for a company is the person who is responsible for all matters relating to SARS and the company’s representative for SARS.  In May 2021, SARS introduced tighter measures for companies interacting with SARS and will no longer process any SARS services for companies with no Public Officer appointed.

SARS is the South Africa Revenue Service commonly known as the taxman, is our tax collection authority.  It is a government agency which is responsible for administrating the country’s  tax collection and administration. 

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