Incorporators versus Directors

What is an Incorporator during registration

An incorporator is the person or company forming a new company.  CIPC does differentiate between Directors and Incorporators. During registration you could tell CIPC (the regisrar) that these people (or company) are incorporating the company and these other people will be the directors.  However this complicates the procedure for many average South Africans.


To simplify the registration process SwiftReg only caters for natural persons wishing to be the incorporators. Furthermore we make all the directors of the company the incorporators and for simplicity sake do not ever refer to this terminology. On completion of the company registration we issue the share certificates to the shareholders. The directors are therefore the incorporators.

The ultimate aim of Swiftreg is to make it easy for the average South African to register and own a company. Anything that is complicated during the registration process, or is just superfluous, is excluded in our description of the process to our clients. Knowing, or specifying who your incorporators is, means nothing for the SME and subsequently we do not place a lot of weight on it.

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