What is a NPC - Not for profit Company?

The Non Profit Company Registration

Non Profit Companies. (NPC)

Non Profit Companies can also be referred to as Section 10 Companies. Under the old Act nonprofit company registration where referred to as Section 21 companies. There are two types of MOI for NPC’s namely:

·         Directors only (minimum of three directors) This is what SwiftReg offers as it is cheaper at R990

·         Directors and Members used for Golf Estates where the owners will be the members.


The Act allows for two classes of members; voting and nonvoting. Usually, the members have equal voting power, but the MOI does allow for certain members to have greater voting power.


NPC do not have to be audited unless it holds or manages other people’s (third party) assets in excess of R5m, then an audit is required (the same applies to (Pty) Ltd’s)


The Non Profit company registration must state in the MOI (Not the COR forms) what its object is, a (Pty) ltd does not have to do this.


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