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A shelf company is a pre-registered, dormant entity.  The registration and tax numbers are available immediately once proof of payment is received.   The balance of the changes take a bit longer as they need to lodged with CIPC.

We currently have stock of  2019 shelf companies. 

Good to know

Our price includes Director/s, Address, Company Name and Shareholder/s changes 

Price :  R1990
How long does it take?   7-14 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two primary benefits of a shelf company; first,  the old registration number gives the impression that the company is established and that it has been trading for a few years, second, the registration number and tax number are instantly available. Our shelf companies date back to 2019 which lends more credibility to the company as it is not perceived as a new start-up.

Yes, all our shelf companies are dormant and have never traded. Having said that the CIPC annual returns are all up to date so there will be no extra cost associated with the purchase of the shelf company.

No, since shelf companies are dormant and to be VAT registered you must have a turnover of more than R1m in any consecutive 12 month period.  Therefore, a VAT registered shelf company should be treated as highly suspicious as it should not be legally possible

The registration number is instantly available as the company is already registered, the same applies to the tax numbers. However, the appointment of the directors and the company name change as well as the registered address change will take some times as it needs to go through the standard CIPC workflow. 

Yes, our shelf companies do not have a company name associated with them, just a registration number. In these scenarios the registration number is used as the name of the company. 

The company name change, registered address change, director/s changes and shareholder changes is required to follow a specific sequence to complete the task in the shortest possible timeframe. This has to do with OTPs sent from CIPC for Director verification with can complicate the workflow. 

Clear copies of the directors’ IDs and a signed limited power of attorney which allows us to appoint the new directors of the company on your behalf.  The  limited power of attorney gives us the mandate to complete the task on your behalf and nothing more. 

On completion you will receive the Cor 39 which reflects the new name and directors’ details and registered address as well as the share certificates. All these documents are sufficient for you to open a bank account with the benefit of the aged registration number. 

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