Frequently Asked Questions ?

These questions have been adjusted for the New Companies Act

1. How much will the new (Pty) Ltd registration cost?
R260 + R100 per director and R100 per shareholder and R150 per juristic shareholder. (In other words, minimum of R460 for one director and one shareholder)

2. How long will it take?
Name application - 48 hrs Final Registration between 2 and 9 days (However when CIPC is delayed then we have had times up to 6 weeks)

3. How many director and shareholders can I have on my New (Pty) Ltd?

4. Can I register a (Pty) Ltd without a name?
Yes, The Company will then be known by its registration number. To do this online click on the italics 'Click Here' on the page where you choose the names.

5. Can I “Trade As” if I only have a registration number?
No, The Consumer Protection Act states that only companies older than 1 year from 1 April 2010 may still be able to “Trade As”.

6. Can I register a CC?
No CC's are sustained as an entity into the future but you cannot register new ones.

7. Do I require an auditor on my new (Pty) Ltd?
No, only large companies need to be audited.

8. Do new (Pty) Ltd’s require an Annual General Meeting?

9. Can I convert my CC to a new (Pty) Ltd?

10. If I do a name application, in case I want to use it later, how long will my name remain as reserved?
Six months. You can do this online now

11. When must I complete my annual return?
To avoid penalties you must complete your annual return within 30 business days from the anniversary registration date of the company. (Note CC's are slightly different from PTY's, in CC's you have an aniversary month that is the calender month based on the month that you registered your CC, while Pty's start on the aniversary date and goes thirty days forward from there) Add your company to your annual return page to receive emails on the due month.

12. If my CC is deregistered due to non-payment of annual returns, will the Commission restore my CC?
Yes. You will have to pay the restoration fee followed by the annual returns that are outstanding. The total fee often comes to approximately around R1200. Note however you may loose your company name if it has been deregistered for longer than six months.


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