SwiftReg Information & Location

We are at Unit 9 and Unit 7, Block B, N1 City Mews
Frans Conradie Drive, Goodwood

We are open from 8:30am until 4pm weekdays.

Tel: +27 21 595 4433
Fax: 086 576 3482
Email: info@swiftreg.co.za
GPS : 33° 53' 38.02''S 18° 33' 37.49''E

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Bank Details

Bank Account Details:
Account Holder : Swift Reg
Bank : Nedbank
Account No: 118 421 8188
Branch Code : 198765

How to Register your Company

There are two methods in which you are able to register your company:

Registering your Company Online

Swiftreg has a service whereby you can register your company online, and being that you are already here, it is recommended that you choose this option.
Click Here to Start
If you have problems with the website, you are welcome to phone our offices at 021 595 4433. All data captured online is immediately available to our office staff. Payment is by means of credit card or bank deposit, however it is recommended to pay by credit card.

Visiting our Offices

Our office prices are slightly higher then the prices quoted on our website owing to extra admin costs. You are advised to bring copies of all the directors ID's. You also need to have a Limited Power of Attorney which is signed by all the shareholders and directors. Please phone the office on 021 595 4433 and we will email you the form. Alternatively, the directors can come to the offices with you and we will provide you with a Limited Power of Attorney.

Faxing Application forms and Deposit Slip

Phone us on 021 595 4433 and ask us to fax the PTY application forms to you.
Pay the required amounts into our bank account (see above)
Fax the info sheets, LPOA documents and your deposit slip to us at 0865 763 480

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