Struggling to do something?

What our site does not do!!

(To save you frustration, here is what we can't do at the moment)

1) Change the accounting officer on a CC
(Changes to the cipro method requires that the original signature of the Accounting officer is required on the CK2. Subsequently we are not able to do this. Please ask your accounting officer to fill in these forms)

2) You cannot register a Sole Proprieter
(for the simple reason that no registration is required!!, just go to the bank and ask them to open a Sole Proprieter bank account.)

3) You cannot register a NGO.
(Primarily because this is a whole different department and does not get lodged with CIPC)

4) Deregister a CC or Pty.
(This is done through communicating with CIPC, phone 086 100 2472)

5) Resign a member who is deceased.
(Swiftreg doesnt do this at all owing to the complications. Please speak to the executor of the estate and your accounting officer to assist you)

What our site does do!

1) Register a brand new Pty with or without names
2) Register a non profit Pty under the new act
3) Register an Incorporation
4) Do amendments on a CC or a PTY (with limitations on certain alterations)
5) Do restorations ( RESTORE menu)
6) Convert from CC->Pty

7) BEE Certificates
9) Tax Certificate
10) Do annual returns on your companies and remind you about due annual returns
11) Provide excellent after service on all the above services including SMS,Email and permanent storage of critical documents online



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