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A business plan is an essential document to help you manage your business, determine the viability and calculate the funding requirements.

You will need to complete the online application with as much details as possible. Once you have paid the require amount we will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss the information and draw up a one year cash flow projection. We look forward to assisting you. 

  "A vision without a plan remains a wish"

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You do the research and provide the data, we compile and collate the information to international standards.

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How long does it take?   2 Weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

The preparation of a business plan forces you to think about all aspects of your business  - even the areas that you may not be comfortable with; for example: finance or marketing. By planning and writing down the business plan you will be pushed into making decision on these topics which will ultimately benefit the business. 
Research and more research is the most important aspect of planning to write a good business plan. It will empower you with knowledge of the environment your business will be operating in and this will help improve the quality and relevance of your business plan. 
A well-researched business plan will help steer your business in a particular direction or it could be used to convince a financial institutions to invest or raise finance. If you are selling your business or a new shareholder wants to buy into your business, then a business plan is the go to document to help with the decision. 
The main components of a business plan are :   The executive summary; business description; marketing strategy; SWOT analysis; management team; product of service description; operating plan and the financial projections. 
This is the part of the business plan that everyone will read. A good executive summary will go along way in convincing the reader that lots of planning and thought went into the preparation of the document which should entice them to continue reading. 
The owner of the business in consultation with a professional service such as SwiftReg should prepare the cashflow.  It is advisable to use realistic figures as the Business Plan should reflect the viability of the project before too much funding is invested. 
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